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Shown above is some of our latest work in the energy sector- we will be updating our sight soon with new information.

Hightower Industrial Management is a management-services company specializing in consulting or contracting for projects that include constructing, engineering, and procurement of manufacturing machinery and equipment and industrial process systems, including turnkey plant expansions, plant modifications, plant shut-downs, plant relocations, project management, operations management, manufacturing machinery and equipment installation, manufacturing machinery and equipment relocation, industrial process systems installation, industrial process systems relocation, machinery moving and machinery relocation, machinery moving and machinery erection.

HIM has access to engineering specialists that can take care of any civil/structural issues including everything from civil highway design to structural analysis for mechanical modifications. We also have in-depth experience in wood products engineering and management. Lastly, we have deep experience in Quality Assurance and Quality control developing ISO and QA/QC programs both in the US and abroad.


Absorbent Technologies Inc.:
Developed and Board approve Capital Project Plan for entire facility production increase
Develop and institute Work Redesign Projects
Purchased and Installed Hi-Tech Cooling Tower
Methanol Distillation System including all associated boilers, evaporators, condensers, tank controls, coolers
Methanol Segregation System including macerators, polishers, centrifuges, cutters, and pumping systems
Vacuum Rotor Drying System including Rotex separator and accumulators, and weighting systems
Cooking operations with specific vessels, chemicals, mixers, and transporting devices

Traeger Pellet Grills, LLC:
Purchased/Designed/Installed Bystronics Laser for Metal Cutting Operations
Purchased/Designed/Installed Powder Coating System
Purchased and Installed Consumer 1-Line Welding Process
Purchased and Installed Consumer 1-Line Assembly Process
Purchased and Installed 6ea - 50T Hydraulic Fully Automated Presses
Relocated/Installed High Def/Plasma Metal Cutting Operations
Purchased Welding Dust Handling System
Moved two entire production facilities
Other Equipment Included; Amada Indexing Saws, Spot Welders, Lincoln Welders, Cincinnati Shears

Fabral :
Purchased/Designed/Installed new flying cutoff system
Installed New Glovia Production Management System
Purchased and Installed New Shear
ASC 14 Top and Bottom Coil Rollform Machines,
DTR Structural Formers, Structural Roll Form Machines,
Coil Slitting Operations, Press Operations, Bending Operations

Allegheny Technologies, Inc.:
Design/Build Forge Modernization Project
Design Forge Electronic Control Upgrade
Design/Build Plate Cell Project Acid Etching & Polishing System
Large Rotary Forge Rebuild and Refurbishment
Compressor Rebuild Project
2000-Ton Forge Press Rebuild
2500-Ton Forge Press Rebuild
Build Ingot Induction Heater Lift And Rotate System
Build Cincinnati Shear Installation
Design/Build New Heat Treat Furnace Installation
Build EBMS Horizontal Machine Installation
Design Pipe/Tube Extrusion Press Control System
Design/Build Pilger Machine Blow Apart Crank System
Design/Build Mega Evaporative Cooling Tower Systems
Design Plasma Discharge Recuperative System Environmental Ground Water Monitoring
Environmental Industrial Waste Water Monitoring
Radiation Health Physics and Safety Program
Environmental Air & Water Discharge Monitoring
Other Machines: Evaporative Coolers, Pipe/Tube reduction, annealing, cutting, beveling, welding, handling, packaging, plate forming, flattening.

Kimberly Clark Corporation:
Build 200 & 250 Series PCMC Unwinders & Rewinders with AC Vector Drives
Build 100 & 150 Series PCMC Unwinders & Rewinders with Standard Drives
Build Perini Coreless Rewinders with AC Vector Drives
Build Perini Coreless Jumbo HRT and JRT Rewinders with AC Vector Drives
Build 200 & 250 Series PCMC Bi-Polar Cutting Systems
Design/Build Internally Designed State of Art Embossing System
Build Hayssen 250 Series Packaging Units
Build Cassoli Jumbo Packaging Units
Build Bretting Folding Lines
Build Salwasser Case Sealer, Packer, & Unitizer
Build Mega Pack Containerization System
Build Valley Twist and Tuck Individual Packaging Systems
Design/Build Hayssen Twist and Tuck Individual Packaging Systems

Potlatch Corporation:
Project Manager - Potlatch Converting Facility Project
Design/Build PACE 360,000 CFM Environmental HVAC System
Design/Build Schredding Systems Bulk Shredder and Bundler
Design/Build Multi-Type Overhead Crane Systems including monorail systems
Build Rollco Automated Tail Tier & Accumulation System
Build PCMC Core Winding System
Design/Build Adhesive and Ink Distribution System

Design/Build Wood Products Truck Scale Installation
Design Build Wood Products Railroad Switch House Renovation Project
Design/Build Main Recovery Boiler Facility High Power, Transmission & Switch Gear
Design/Build Relocation of Power Boiler High Pressure Steam Blowdown System
Design/Build Recovery Boiler Concentrated Black Liquor Unload and Storage Facility
Design/Build Heavy Weight Material Handling System with Lowerator
Design/Build Heavy Liquor Loading and Unloading Pumping and Distribution Systems
Design/Build Seal Pit Pumping System
Design/Build Pulp Mill Substation Cooling Fan Relocation
Design/Build Lime Kiln Infrared Imaging Systems
Design/Build Lime Kiln Test Laboratory and Flame Safety System
Design/Build Agitation and Consistency Control System
Design/Build Clean Room Diesel Tank Backup System
Design/Build Heat Exchanger System Design
Design/Build Clear Well Pump House Refurbishment

Hightower Industrial Management  P.O. Box 3271  Salem OR 97302  Phone: 1-855-673-6731, X3  Fax: 1-855-673-6731

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