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*We develop chemical companies from batch to continuous process by mixing in graft reactors and saponification reactors to extruding into granulation and polishing reactors with complete recovery and drying operations.
*We change company metrics instituting 6-Sigma defining existing process and developing supply chain metrics and increase incremental unit shift output.
*We use DMAIC process for process definition. Build company flowcharts and dashboards.
*We implement Work Redesign to ensure stable process effects of 6-Sigma definition.
*We define major cost objectives and institute them on time and on budget.
*We develop company P&L where no prior P&L exists.
*We develop, and Board approve, capital projects.

*Execute high growth (over 100% growth per year) plans.
*Develop and manage a $50+ Million P&L, 120 person company with three manufacturing sites.
*Implement a New Production Plant Project.
*Develop adequate middle management and shop floor supervision to allow effective second and third shift operations, and multi-location operations.
*Establish and implement lean manufacturing plans to meet sales demands.
* We maintain quality, cost and safety metrics.
* We create production forecasts in conjunction with sales management projections.
* We develop medium and long-term production plans to increase capacity.
* We establish in-house expansion, overseas plants, and outsourcing part or all of production.
* We prepare strategic evaluation with manufacturing options; include cost and quality considerations and ramp-up inefficiency considerations.
* We lead operations to help ensure smooth product introductions, excellent service and high quality, exceeding customer expectations.
* We prove achieved metrics (we include incremental unit output, support growth plans 100%, on-time delivery, lowered service levels needs, minimize inventory requirements, and production cost at or below targets at full production rate.
* We meet plant safety statistics, lost work days, incidence rates on target.

* We develop business building capital, business sustaining capital, small capital and major maintenance business plans for large metallurgical operations for space age and nuclear metals.
* We develop manufacturing process for almost every kind of metal shape from zirconium foil to titanium landing gears.
*We managed roll forming and structural forming machines with several million dollars in coil inventory.
* We engineer a plethora of metals manufacturing projects.
* We develop a new manufacturing teams from scratch in brown field facilities.
* We change yield loss values for costly coil while moving inventory turns up. * We reduce large old/obsolete inventory within first 3 months.
* We institute change in roll forming processes on special commercial grade material.
* We re-engineer or work redesign civil, mechanical, electrical systems and software.  

* We provide engineering & management many different Recovery Boilers,digesting machines, paper machines and more than 20 other types of packaging and converting lines in the paper industry.
* We engineer New Product Development projects, institute Reliability Centered Maintenance, TPM, & JIT manufacturing principles including CIP.
* We manage multi-million dollar green field and brown field projects.
* We engineer, procure, and construction for several million square foot of tilt up concreted facilities.
* We integrate  design, purchase, installation, and startup of proprietary converting and packaging equipment including line layouts with power, utilities, and distribution.

Hightower Industrial Management  P.O. Box 3271  Salem OR 97302  Phone: 1-855-673-6731, x3  Fax: 1-855-673-6731

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